Bernard's at Brighton


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Our mission is to provide undivided personal attention in a holistic environment that will enhance the physical and mental well-being of our clientele.

Your Level of Comfort

The best way to receive a massage or other bodywork is to be unclothed. However, you may disrobe to your comfort level. During all treatments, the only area of the body that is not completely draped is the area being attended. Your privacy will be upheld at all times.

Personal Preferences:

Please communicate your preferences with your provider. Whether it is the room temperature or the level of pressure, let the therapist know immediately that you are uncomfortable. Our goal is for your experience to be positive, and corrections can only be made if we are made aware of a problem at the time of service.

Satisfaction Statement

If you have suggestions or if we did not meet your every expectation, please call the manager. We will ensure you receive full satisfaction.

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